Karin Engström

Industrial management engineer
LKAB, Sweden

Engström is an industrial management engineer and received her MSc degree in quality development from Luleå University of technology in 2011. Karin has since worked with method and quality development in sampling, test methods and process control in iron ore processing at Luossavaara Kiirunavaara AB (LKAB), an iron ore mining company in the north of Sweden. She obtained her Ph.D. in December 2018 (sampling and blending of iron ore at LKAB) from Aalborg University, Denmark, supervised by professor Kim H Esbensen. Karin is a delegate in the International Organization for Standardization subcommittee ISO/TC 102/SC1 – Sampling of iron ore and direct reduced iron.

Both at university and in her career, Karin has focused on the areas of quality control, statistical process control and method development. During her tenure at LKAB, development and evaluation of sampling methods and complete sampling systems has become an increasing part of her project portfolio. Karin is working in all parts of the value chain at LKAB, from open pit mining, iron ore processing, commercial sampling in the harbours and environmental recipient water monitoring. Her main driving force is to evaluate current sampling methods as well as develop and evaluate new methods and systems. The possibility to spread the knowledge of theory of sampling through internal courses and participation in various projects all through the company is an ongoing encouraging challenge.

Most of her spare time, Karin spends with her family in their mountain cabin in Riksgränsen. Trail running, mountain biking, rock climbing, ice skating, skiing in all directions are her main interests. With the 8 months of winter in Kiruna, skiing is one of Karin’s main passions, no matter whether cross country, ski/speed touring or downhill skiing. Just as Karin, both her kids started downhill skiing at the age of 2, and are now loving it just as much.