The IPGSA website shall promote representative sampling practices, and will provide a single portal for information about i) the newest information on the Theory and Practice of Sampling (TOS), ii) Information on and proceedings from world and regional conferences on sampling (WCSB, and related events), iii) training workshops/courses by world leading experts on sampling in all sectors in science, technology and industry. The IPGSA portal iv) is dedicated to referring to publications on sampling on all levels of interest, including historical documentations, v) is an authoritative source of references and guidelines, increasing the capability of professionals working with sampling issues across the complete lot-to-analysis pathway. The IPGSA website will specifically target the current lack of appropriate appreciation of the importance of sampling and the practicalities of collection of representative samples.

The purpose of the International Pierre Gy Sampling Association (IPGSA) is to oversee formal activities of the world sampling community and to represent the views of this community. The Association is not a legally constituted body, but is a common-interest, unincorporated association of persons solely associated for the common purpose of promoting the interests of the world sampling community and its various activities. The Constitution of the Association incorporates the rules identifying in whom control of the Association and its funds are vested. The Association is headed by a Council.

The Council of the Association has the authority to award the right to a country to host the World Conference on Sampling and Blending (WCSB), which draws together the world’s leading sampling practitioners, manufacturers and experts to promote, network, discuss and inform about the latest advances in the theory and practice of sampling and blending in scientific research, technology development and industry, including large, medium and small government, community and private organisations. A special focus of the biennial WCSB conferences is on advancing the Theory and Practise of Sampling (TOS). The conference Proceedings, published by various institutional or learned journal publishers or as an Open Access publication, plays an important role in representing and documenting the current state of the art in sampling and blending.

The Council also informs the international sampling community of all relevant scientific news and the latest organisational matters through the scientific magazine TOS Forum, which is a free-of-charge publication, and elects its Editor for a four year period. The Council also has the responsibility for securing adequate funding for the continued publication of TOS Forum, more specifically for the difference between the production costs and the sponsorship/advertising funding successfully procured by the Editor.

With respect to conference proceedings, the Council is responsible for establishing and maintaining an IPGSA internet portal from which all WCSB Proceedings can be downloaded or can be located if specific publications need to be acquired commercially. The TOS Forum and this portal shall work closely together.

The IPGSA Council is responsible for recognising outstanding contributions and excellence in the teaching and application of the Theory of Sampling via the Pierre Gy Sampling Gold Medal, as well as recognition of distinguished service in the sampling community and encouragement of young authors at WCSB conferences.